Upgrading Font Licence

Upgrade to a complete package

After licensing a single font you can always upgrade it to a complete package later, and you will never pay more than the total price of the complete package. In fact we recommend this in cases when perhaps you are not yet ready to buy the full package and want to test the fonts individually before spending more.

For example, you can purchase a licence for a single weight of Irma Regular for €60 and decide later that you would like to buy the complete package costing €360. You can then login to your account, go to My Fonts and click on the Upgrade button. You will pay only the difference in price; €360-€60=€300. It is that easy.

Upgrading to cover multiple users

If you have a licence for a single user, and need to extend the licence to cover more users, you can pay the difference in cost and upgrade the licence. A new End User Licence Agreement (EULA) will be issued.

For example, you have a single-user licence for Fedra Sans Std Book for which you paid €90. A license for 3 users costs €112.50, so you will pay only the €22.50 difference to extend your license to cover 3 users.

Upgrading Latin only to multiscript fonts

If you previously purchased a license for an L font (support for Latin-based languages only) and now need the Greek, or Cyrillic, etc) you can simply upgrade the fonts. Rather than paying for the fonts again, you will only pay the difference in price. Log in to your account, go to My Fonts and click on the Upgrade button.

Upgrading a Desktop Licence to other type of licence

You can also extend a Desktop Licence, to any other licence that we offer, by purchasing the additional licence.