Webfont Service

fine typography to the web

The Typotheque Webfont Service enables you to use custom fonts in your website using the @font-face rule in CSS. Just add a line of code to your page and get it working in minutes. Simple, fast and standards-compliant.

You can view Typotheque fonts specially designed for reading on screen in the Webfont specimen.

Start by browsing Typotheque
  • Easy implementation

    1. Buy a font
    2. Create your Web Font
    3. Copy & Paste the CSS code
    4. Done! Just refresh your page
    See also our tutorial page
  • Works in 98% of browsers

    Works in Safari 3.1+, FireFox 3.5+, Opera 10+, Explorer 5+, Chrome 5+, and Mobile Safari
  • Multilingual support

    Supports Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Arabic & Devanagari fonts.
  • No JavaScript required

    Typotheque Webfont Service uses plain CSS, so it works also with JavaScript disabled.
  • Reliable cloud hosting

    We use a network of distributed servers for maximum speed and reliability.
  • Free Trial licence

    Sign up for a free 30-day Trial licence. You can upgrade to Full licence later.
  • One licence for print & web

    The Full licence give you installable fonts & web font service for no extra cost.
  • One time licence cost

    There are no annual fees, only one time licence cost. You receive 500MB of free monthly bandwidth, and pay €1.00 for every extra GB.
  • Unlimited domains

    Both the Full licence and the Web licence allow you to use on an unlimited number of domains.
  • Advanced OpenType features

    Small caps and various types of numerals are supported.
  • W3C standards-compliant

    We use W3C-approved @font-face rules for CSS to guarantee optimal appearance in compliant browsers.
  • Self Hosting solution

    For very large websites, we recommend a self hosting licence to allow installation of fonts on web servers.