Sold Out

Dot Dot Dot 5

by Peter Biľak and Stuart Bailey

Bi-annual independent art/design publication which began life as a graphic design magazine, but whose content has gradually widened to cover art, music, language, film and literature. It eschews both commercial portfolio presentations an stuffy academic theory instead offering a wide variety of inventive critical writing on all aspects of culture. With contributions of: Sebastián Campos, Daniel Eatock, Paul Elliman, Timothy Evans, Experimental Jetset, Ryan Gander, Kapil Kachru, Paulina Olowska, David Reinfurt, Steve Rushton, and Ian Svenonius.
  • Author
    Peter Biľak, Stuart Bailey
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  • Size
    23,5 × 16,5 cm
  • Publisher
    Dot Dot Dot
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