Works That Work No.6

by Peter Biľak

In *WTW* No. 6 we investigate overlooked ideas. Perhaps in some ways they are failures, concepts that for various reasons never succeeded in making the transition to reality. Yet those failures can teach us as much as many successes, and perhaps even more. Unified Arabic, for example, is a proposal to simplify Arabic typography and potentially improve literacy levels in the Middle East. It has been rejected not on functional but political and cultural grounds, as is often the case with projects that involve fundamental societal changes. Another project, the World Passport, is a utopian attempt to erase all national borders. Part of the Second World War was fought with inflatable tanks, as we report in Weapons of Mass Deception. Designed by Atelier Carvalho Bernau.
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    Peter Biľak
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    24 × 17 cm
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