Fedra Mono

Design concept

All the characters of Fedra Mono share the same widths, which makes it suitable for tabular setting when the layout benefits from vertical alignment of the characters. Typical examples would be spreadsheets, computer code, or use in correspondence.
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Fedra Mono also supports most digraphs present in European languages. Digraphs are combination of two letters that represent a single speech sound (phoneme). Rather than using two letters, we offer an OpenType feature to represent digraphs with one glyph.
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Fedra Mono was designed in 2002 by Peter Biľak.


Fedra Mono comes in five weights, each accompanied by Italics. No small capitals.

fedra mono

International Typography

Typotheque OpenType Pro fonts support all European languages, covering Latin-based (Western, Central and Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish), Cyrillic-based, and Greek-based languages. Such large multilingual fonts are sometimes referred to as Pan-European or WGL4 fonts.


Fedra Mono includes a collection of mathematic and computer symbols, such keyboard keys shortcut, or border glyphs.