Fedra Serif Display

Design concept

The display series keeps the vertical proportions of the Fedra family, but makes the spacing and kerning tighter, thus more economic. The contrast between thick and thin has been increased. While the text versions of Fedra have modern character proportions with even letter widths, the Display set takes inspiration from Roman inscriptional capitals and increases the width differences between letters. This results in a more classical appearance even despite the fact that Fedra Serif Display has a very large x-height.

Support for all European Latin-based languages. Like the rest of Fedra family, the display series comes with support for Central and Eastern European languages, Baltic, Turkish, and extended Latin (Maltese, Welsh, Esperanto, etc.)

Special small capitals were designed for the family which match the stem widths and x-height of the lowercase letters, and therefore can be mixed in headlines to get the effect of unicase type. They are available only as a OpenType layout feature. Additionally, special superior and inferior capital letters were designed which can be used next to capitals and lowercase letters.

The family includes also plenty of alternative characters which improve flexibility for headline use. In order to achieve compact setting, the font includes contextual alternates such as ‘g’ with an ear extending upwards rather than sideways to eliminate potential letter conflicts, or different lengths of the descending legs of ‘R’, ‘K’, or ‘Q’.

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Fedra Serif Display provides smart substitution of letters which can choose appropriate alternative glyphs. For example, if a ‘g’ is followed by a character which has a serif on its left side, alternative ‘g’ with its ear pointing up is used, allowing tighter spacing and fitting in the headlines.

Small caps and lowercase letters have identical x-height and similar widths of stroke, which allow them to be mixed to achieve the effect of unicase type.

Fedra Serif Display includes dozens of ornaments and border elements which can improve averall look of typesetting.