Design Concept

Halte is a display typeface family inspired by the tram and bus stop signage found around Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The origin of the signs and their unique, idiosyncratic forms remains unclear despite extensive research, but Halte reconciles their quirky vernacular with the practical requirements of strong signage typefaces for medium and large texts. It is condensed and blocky, but also includes delicate curves that make it both charming and commanding.

original sign drawing

Halte is available in five weights with matching italics and small caps. One of the main design characteristics of the typeface is the combination of different stroke terminals, some very opened and some closed.

halte terminals

Pictograms & Symbols

Halte includes also extendable pictograms related to its origins in the transportation signage.

bus tram icon


All weights of Halte include ten different kinds of numerals. Proportional Lining figures come as default figures in Halte. It also, however, includes Old-style figures, Tabular figures (both lining and OsF), Small Caps numerals, superior, inferior, circled and circled inverted numerals (selectable via OpenType features).

halte figures2

OpenType features

Like all Typotheque fonts, Halte includes Small Caps in all the text styles. A distinctive feature of the small caps is their unusual width which allows for more distinctive typographic solutions, whether used as All Small Caps or in combination with standard capitals. Numbers, interpunction and currency symbols all include a small caps version.

halte smallcaps

Additionally, Halte includes also alternative versions of some basic characters accessible as Stylistic Sets, which allows this typeface to change its characteristics, and personlise typographic expression. For more information please see the PDF instructions, or the Features section.

halte alternates


Halte typeface family was published in 2018, designed by Hrvoje Živčić.