Variable Fonts

Variable fonts is an update to the OpenType format that allows the inclusion of various pre-designed typeface styles in a single font file, while enabling the user to choose a font that lies somewhere in between the listed variations. Imagine, for example, that you want to make the Regular weight of a font just a little heavier, but not as heavy as the Medium. Variable fonts can do that. They are controlled by sliders, so the user can choose any variation along one or multiple design axes.

Parmigiano Text
Greta Text
Greta Sans
Munchenstein Text
  • Fine-typographic control

    Adjust font parameters in small increments for ultimate control without compromise.

  • Small font file sizes

    Reduce webfont file sizes and increase the performance of your website by using a single variable webfont throughout.

  • Text animations

    Stylistic variation of fonts are continuous, and can be animated for text transitions and special effects.

  • Optimal legibility

    Our variable fonts contain size-specific variations which make the text superbly legible, optimised for any size.

  • Limitless creativity

    Besides weight and width dials, our fonts contain innovative typographic options to help boost your creativity.

  • Responsive type

    Variable fonts assist in tuning type according to different formats, resolutions and display sizes.

Width & Weight Axes

November Variable

Optical size & Weight Axes

William Text Variable