• I can’t find the font I am looking for.

    We publish new fonts, we revise current ones, and occasionally we will also remove some. For example, in 2023, we retired our manually hinted TrueType fonts, which we originally created for Windows XP rasterisers.

    In 2019, we stopped using the Std/Pro font suffixes, and replaced them by descriptive suffixes, indicating language support. L suffix replaced Std, and LCG replaced the Pro suffix.

    Below is a list of fonts that we have modified, and which font we recommend is used instead.

    Fedra Mono Screen → Retired. Use Fedra Mono
    Fedra Sans Normal → Style renamed to Fedra Sans Demi
    Fedra Sans Screen → Retired. Use Fedra Sans
    Fedra Sans Display 1 → Merged into Fedra Sans Display
    Fedra Sans Display 2 → Merged into Fedra Sans Display
    Fedra Serif A → Renamed. Use Fedra Serif
    Fedra Serif B → Retired. Use Fedra Serif
    Fedra Serif Screen → Retired. Use Fedra Serif
    Irma → Renamed. Use Irma Display
    Irma Slab → Renamed. Use Irma Display Slab
    Irma Text Screen → Retired. Use Irma Text
    Thesaurus → Removed from the collection
    Thesaurus Display → Removed from the collection
    Supernova → Removed from the collection
    Elementar → Removed from the collection