Michal Sahar is a Tel Aviv based type designer‭, ‬graphic designer and a senior lecturer at The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design‭, ‬Jerusalem‭. ‬Since 2017‭ ‬she is the Head of Typography and Graphic Design Studies at the Visual Communication Department‭, ‬Bezalel Academy‭.‬ She is a co-founder of Hagilda type foundry‭ (‬active since 2002‭).‬

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Typotheque Type specimen No.15 presents 21 Hebrew type families, and describes the process of designing them.

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Traditionally, Hebrew printed typography doesn't have a notion of ‘italic’, a concept linked with the evolution of the Latin alphabet. Hebrew, however, when written by hand used cursive forms taught at schools simultaneously from when children start to read, the informal style hasn’t integrated into printed typography. Michal Sahar proposes a cursive Hebrew for continuous text.
Essays · 11 October 2017 · English · 1075 words