Announcing new website, adapted for 2016 and beyond.

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We think you will find it a step forward from its predecessors, and aside from a new design, it also offers new licensing methods and new payment options while addressing new technological developments.

Typotheque first went online in 1999 with a very simple website, and during its first 10 years we continuously added features as the company and the font collection expanded. Today the site includes over a million lines of code, so even relatively simple changes can become mammoth tasks, and we’ve actually been trying to reduce the number of pages, options and features, in order to make the site easier to browse and manage. Two years ago we decided to completely overhaul not only our user interface, but also the behind-the-scenes code, so we’ve finally retired the faithful but antiquated text engine that generated font samples for live webfont previews. We’ve also replaced most of the images on the site with high-resolution versions. Here is a quick overview of the most significant changes.

font collection sentences

Typotheque font collection can be viewed either in compact tile preview, or by showing editable text as seen on the image above.

Main font page
As our type library has grown (it currently consists of 79 type families and 1232 individual fonts), we’ve had to rethink the way we present it. We now offer an easier way to navigate, preview and filter the selection of fonts. You can switch from the tile preview to a line preview which lets you easily type and compare your own text. The previews now use webfonts instead of static images, a system which will be easier to maintain going forward.

font combinator

Combining fonts is made easy with Typotheque font combinator. Just drag and drop fonts from the right hand side menu.

Font Combinator
Five years ago we introduced our popular Font Combinator. Our new, simplified version lets you drag and drop fonts (even Greek and Cyrillic ones) to see how they look together. This feature is also powered by webfonts now, and is much faster and easier to work with.

New Payment provider
More significantly, we have switched to a new credit card processing company for payments. This is an under-the-hood change, but should make the ordering process smoother and more reliable. We accept all credit cards, Paypal and many local payment methods such as Sofort in Germany or iDeal in the Netherlands.

licensing options

All licensing options are now selectable by client next to fonts.

New Licensing Options
We have also updated our licensing options, dramatically reducing the cost of self-hosting webfont licenses, and offering an app embedding license online. (We had these options before, but they had to be processed manually.) Now all licensing options are automated and easy to calculate.

Other Improvements and Updates
We were the first foundry to offer its own webfont service, and we’ve been upgrading it continuously ever since. A few smaller improvements to that system are debuting with our website overhaul. For example, webfont service management has been simplified and given a cleaner interface. We have also lowered the price of extra bandwidth, and we have added the option to apply Stylistic Sets.

custom fonts

Typotheque presents custom typefaces projects made for clients world-wide, explaining reasons for making custom type.

Finally, we have updated both the Studio and Custom Fonts sections of our website so you can see what we have been working on for the past five years. We do a lot more than just drawing and publishing type, and are proud of our projects concerning dance, jewellery, exhibitions, etc.

As always, do let us know what you think. We welcome feedback, and if you come across some bugs or ideas for improvement, we’ll consider them. The website, after all, is never finished. And before you ask, yes mobile version of the website is coming soon.

Huge thanks to Ondrej Jób for the website design, Slonline for the web development, and all the testers for their careful viewing of the site.