DanceWriter at Experimenta Lisbon


Back in 2007, we created an online utility DanceWriter, which converts text to a simple dance moves. In summer 2009, we were invited to present it during the Experimenta Lisbon (EXD’09) exhibition Quick Quick Slow, curated by Emily King.

Instead of showing the older work, we created a new version to be presented as an interactive installation on display in the Museu Colecção Berardo. Visitors could simply type their message on the touch screen, and the dancer would render the text by her elegant movement.

This exhibition surveys the dimension of time in graphic design, looking as far back as the early 20th century and tracing the mutual influences and exchanges between motion graphics and print. On display are original works of artists such as Alexander Rodchenko, El Lissitzky, Jan Tschichold, Piet Zwart, Ed Ruscha, John Maeda, Bruce Mau, and many others.

The exhibition is open from 11 September until 29 December 2009.

Here is a simple documentation of DanceWriter 2.0

See it in High Definition on Vimeo or YouTube.

This is the A to Z movie performed by Valentina Scaglia

See it in High Definition on Vimeo, or YouTube.

And finally, the complete video shoot accelerated to 30 seconds.

See it in High Definition on Vimeo, or YouTube.

Video shoot ‘Dance Writer’ for an installation at Experimenta 2009, Lisbon. Dance: Valentina Scaglia, Video: Taco Zwaanswijk, Programming: Bart van der Ploeg & Edwin de Koning (Resolume), Choreography Lukas Timulak, Concept & Photography: Peter Bilak