Greta Sans Devanagari

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Greta Sans Devanagari

With 80 styles (10 weights, 4 widths, + Italics) and multiple writing scripts, Greta Sans is one of the largest type systems ever produced, covering hundreds of languages. Greta Sans already supports six writing scripts — Extended Latin, Extended Cyrillic, Greek (including Polytonic), Arabic, and Hebrew (available soon). And now Greta Sans supports also Davanagari, the most common writing script of India.

Greta Sans Devanagari took two years of development, designed by Hitesh Malaviya at ITF under the supervision of Satya Rajpurohit.

Greta Sans Devanagari is a powerful toolbox capable of dealing with the most complex typographical situations. It is designed as a continuous optical size system. While the basic text styles (Regular) are spaced and optimised more loosely for use at small sizes, the surrounding extremes (Hairline, Black) are designed to be used as Display types, and therefore spaced and kerned tightly. The resulting spectrum then runs continuously from Display to Text to Display use.

Download the PDF presentation of Greta Sans Devanagari.

Greta Sans Devanagari Greta Sans Devanagari Greta Sans Devanagari

Illustrations by Shiva Nallaperumal.