Language Expansion for Wind

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wind pro

Wind, the first published typeface of Amsterdam-based book and graphic designer Hansje van Halem, was published in 2017 and warmly embraced by designers ready to try the new font format and see how various layers could be combined and overlaid to create intricate patterns.

wind pro2

We like to take Display typography as seriously as we take functional text fonts, so we decided to extend Wind to support Greek- and Cyrillic-based languages. Although Van Halem's work may seem highly intuitive, it is a result of systematic exploration and design research, crafting rules and formulas that generate shapes. Having reverse-engineered the grid structure that Van Halem used to construct the letters, we have now used it to make Greek and Cyrillic versions, giving designers a tool for experimental typography and surprising layouts in 64 additional languages.

wind pro cyrillic greek specimen