Major update of Fedra Sans, Fedra Serif, Fedra Sans Condensed

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Fedra Sans, the flagship of Typotheque, has been first released in 2001. At that time, standards for fonts were slightly different, and Typotheque was selling only PostScript fonts, with each font including about 250 glyphs. 

There have been two more updates of Fedra Sans since, version 2.0 coming in 2002, and in summer 2005. Typotheque expanded Fedra to support Greek and Cyrillic, creating Fedra Sans Pro package, with version number 3.0. This is the version which we were licensing until now.

Besides developing new fonts, we continuosly listen to the feedback of users, reviewing hundreds of samples of real life application of our fonts, and respond now with this latest updated version.

When the Typotheque fonts were adopted by the French National Library (Bibliothèque national de France), we created those new glyphs to support Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese and Sanskript transliteration. The total number of glyphs in the OpenType Pro fonts is now 2.540 glyphs.

New fonts also include combining diacritics, so even more accented glyphs can be made if needed.

Fedra Sans 4.0 is a brand new font, using familiar shapes of Fedra, but all glyphs were reviewed. In the OpenType Pro version 825 new glyphs were created, all fonts were completely respaced and kerned. Screen appearance was improved, small bugs squashed, and new OpenType substitutions offered.

Fedra Sans, Fedra Sans Alt, Fedra Sans Condensed, Fedra Sans Condensed Alt are using the same encodings now and same including same number of glyphs. Fedra Serif has been also updated, and its OpenType Pro fonts includes now 739 new glyphs totaling in 2746 glyphs per font.

  • version 1, Fedra Sans, 2001, 246 glyphs
  • version 2, Fedra Sans, 2002, 246 glyphs
  • version 3, Fedra Sans Pro, 2005, 1715 glyphs
  • version 4, Fedra Sans Pro, 2009, 2540 glyphs

Typotheque Fedra Sans Pro 4.0 new glyphs

While the most visible changes were made in the Pro fonts, Std fonts were also changed and updated. They now include more alternate shapes.

Typotheque Fedra Sans Std 4.0 new glyphs

Please note that because the fonts include completely new kerning and spacing, your existing layout may change. Use the updated fonts only in new projects to avoid the possible complications. Using the updated fonts in older documents will cause text reflowing, as fonts have modified spacing and kerning information.

The updated fonts have identical font menu names as the old font versions. You should remove old versions from your font management software before installing the new ones.

Free Upgrade
All existing licence holders can upgrade to these latest versions of Fedra fonts free of charge by simply logging in into personal account, and downloading the fonts again. In your account, only the latest versions of the fonts are shown.

End of PostScript font support
This announces also Typotheque's end of support of PostScript fonts. We will not create PostScript versions of our new fonts, but focus on creation of OpenType fonts instead. In special situations, PostScript subsets can be made for clients (some newspaper typesetting systems work only with PostScript fonts), but this will be considered font customisation, and it will be a paid service.