Manu gets a new range of weights

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The handwriting font family Manu has been extended to include a range of weights from Hairline to Bold.

Manu update 00

Manu, an energetic and confident handwriting typeface, originally published in 2016, has been completely rebuilt to include a range of weights. While the previous version was a digitisation of actual handwriting with a 0.7mm ballpoint pen, the new version has been reengineered using a single stroke skeletal drawing to which different virtual pen widths have been applied. Only then were the outlines created to produce the final fonts. Samuel Čarnoky helped in converting the previous outlines to skeletal drawings, the original designer Peter Biľak reviewed the shapes and improved the joining logic of the letters, and Typotheque font engineer Roberto Arista built the fonts, ensuring they behave as expected.

The result is seven weights for both the Informal and Formal styles, and variable fonts that offer a choice of weights anywhere between Hairline and Bold.

The Informal style has also been redesigned to include more fluid connections between letters for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic text. We are continuing to work on expanding the font family to support more languages, and the development of three more writing scripts is now in progress.

If you have licensed the full family of Manu previously, you are eligible to receive the new weights free of charge.

Manu update 01
Manu update 02
Manu update 03
Manu update 04