November Stencil, a heavy-duty stencil typeface with playful layering styles

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NovemberStencil 1600

It all started with November, a rational, utilitarian typeface inspired by street signs, and it continued with October, a rounded typeface created by the rotary cutters of a CNC router. November Stencil, the latest expansion of the project, continues to explore the industrial heritage of typography with the familiar interrupted strokes seen on railway wagons, wooden crates and architectural diagrams.

lettering on railway wagons

True to its name, November Stencil has the expected gaps, systematically positioned to break letters into strokes, or sometimes to maximise the aesthetic impact. Each of its nine stencil weights also offers three separate layered styles that open intriguing possibilities for the creative use of colours and animation.

November Stencil is available in three writing scripts (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek). Armenian, Hebrew and Arabic are under development and will follow shortly.

november stencil specimen