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Parmigiano was published in 2014, 200 years after Giambattista Bodoni’s death, and represents the most extensive family of fonts ever to have been inspired by his work. The Parmigiano Typographic System later expanded to include matching Cyrillic and Greek versions.

Now we are pleased to present a further extension of Parmigiano, the Stencil series. Needless to say, Bodoni never cut stencil typefaces, and would probably have scorned this series of fonts as irreverent. Stencil typefaces are relatively late arrivals on the typographic scene, first appearing in the 20th century. Stencilled letters date back farther, but only as a means of constructing lettershapes in liturgical books or technical drawings, and the breaks in the letters were inked in afterwards.

Parmigiano Stencil, on the other hand, is a celebration of fragmented letterforms. These letters are complete even when they are missing something, offering new possibilities for expression. It is an elegant, high-contrast stencil, which naturally breaks the strokes, but only where the construction logic allows.

Parmigiano Stencil was designed by Riccardo Olocco, and it is available for testing on Fontstand.

Parmigiano stencil 01 Parmigiano stencil 02 Parmigiano stencil 03

Type specimen images by Shiva Nallaperumal.