Thuraya, an Arabic display typeface

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Thuraya 225

Thuraya is an Arabic display typeface, a contemporary interpretation of the complex Diwani style emphasising calligraphic features. The research for Thuraya focused on finding the optimum balance between calligraphic and type elements within a digital type environment. Thuraya’s defining characteristics include its completely curved baseline, horizontally slanted letters and extensive character set (including ligatures and alternates, which are crucial for a harmonious calligraphic flow).

In the extensive article ‘Arabic Calligraphy and Type Design’ Kristyan Sarkis presents the Diwani style of Arabic which led to designing Thuraya.

Thuraya was designed by Kristyan Sarkis, graduate of the Type and Media from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design by the Type Director’s Club in 2011.
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>Thuraya, Arabic display font

Thuraya is characteristic by its dynamic flow, and authentic calligraphic expression.

>Thuraya, Arabic display font

Thuraya is compact and space-saving compared to other Arabic fonts.

>Thuraya, Arabic display font

Selection of ligatures present in Thuraya

>Thuraya, Arabic display font

Thuraya Slanted has a slanted baseline achieved with a unique typographic system of levelling.

The price of the font is €120 for both styles, and €90 for the single style. The fonts will be available at the end of May.