Tremolo Sans, an Unlikely Companion Typeface

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Nikola Djurek’s Tremolo, a popular font which was awarded a TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence in 2016, now has a new companion typeface, Tremolo Sans. Quirky and engaging, Tremolo Sans is a low-contrast typeface with humanist features, very large x-height, narrow proportions and unorthodox cursive details, such as the handwriting-inspired ‘k’, ‘g’ and ‘y’, that lend a remarkable warmth to shorter texts and headlines.

The Italic versions present unexpected stencil-like joints between strokes, and give text an even more dynamic rhythm. Tremolo Sans comes in 12 styles from Thin to Bold, with darker Text styles in the middle of its range. The original Tremolo came in 18 eclectic styles, and we now offer a single package offering all 30 styles together.

TPTQ Tromolo Sans 01 TPTQ Tromolo Sans 04 TPTQ Tromolo Sans 05 TPTQ Tromolo Sans 03

Illustrations by November