Tribunal — At Home in Print and on Screen

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Tribunal was originally developed as the custom font of a cross-platform magazine, designed from the start to work equally well in both print and screen media.

Tribunal font

Tribunal font

Rather than trying to force digital screens to behave like paper, Tribunal works within the lower-resolution constraints of the display, achieving superb readability with simplified shapes and angular aesthetics. Its construction techniques translate well to the higher-resolution environment of print applications, giving it a distinctive character instantly recognisable in either medium.

Tribunal has been thoroughly tested through years of real-world use in the Slovene magazine Tribuna.

Although originally designed for setting periodicals with a limited number of styles, Tribunal has now been upgraded to include ten cuts, support for 86 languages, and enhanced screen rendering. After four years of constant revision, including 15 major versions of the upright and 11 major versions of the italic (with countless minor versions in between), Tribunal has finally settled into its last iteration.

Read more about the development of Tribunal and the design brief for the typeface here, written by the author Aljaž Vindiš.