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The best work is often the most personal work. Work done not to fulfil somebody’s design brief, but for your own pleasure in your spare time.

Recently we were looking for a carpet for our new house. After shopping online and offline for weeks, we were frustrated that we were unable to find one that would fit. I mentioned it to our good friend Nikola Djurek, who suggested contacting Regeneracija, a Croatian company specialising in the creation of handmade carpets. Seeing their fine work inspired us to create a carpet we really wanted.

Typotheque Carpet Process

The result is a combination of the skills of Regeneracija’s craftsmen and our interest in typography. The carpet features our Irma typeface and its OpenType features translated into textile. The carpet is 170 × 250 cm and made of New Zealand wool.

Typotheque Carpet

This particular carpet is ours, but you can now order your own copy through Typotheque. While most design objects and handcrafted artworks are sold at premium prices, we decided for the lowest possible price, covering only the costs of materials and labour. The production cost per square meter is €390, so the carpet in the photo (170 × 250cm) would cost €1657 + shipping costs*. You can specify the size of your carpet (although the proportions of 1:1.47 must be maintained). Delivery time is around 10 weeks. A black & white version is also available. Email us for details.

*Shipping to Germany, for example is about €70 for the transport and customs fees.

Typotheque Carpet