Type At the Opera

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Peter Biľak, set designer of Göteborg Opera’s upcoming dance production Eroica (choreography by Lukáš Timulak), created a dramatic structure of metal pipes illuminated by individually controlled LED strips. The construction, which is an integral part of the performance, is eight meters wide, four meters high and four meters deep. All wires and electronics are hidden inside the pipes or under the floor, and the pipes themselves are so thin that they disappear into the darkness when not lit up.

Göteborg Opera, Eroica scenography

Göteborg Opera, Eroica scenography

During breaks in rehearsals Peter (ever the type designer) used the structure to construct letterforms; the result is this simple video (music by Ted Whang).

Peter would like to thank the Göteborg Opera staff, especially Peter Gotzlinger for their great work. If you are in Göteborg in December or January you can see Eroica live. See the Göteborg Opera website for details.