Typographica's Favorite Typefaces of 2008


The newly redesigned Typographica published their Favorite Typefaces of 2008. Two Typotheque's typefaces were selected: Brioni and History. Caren Litherland reviewed Brioni and called it “a sober but friendly and eminently readable face that can cross borders and make itself at home in disparate contexts.” She also asks a question: “What new redesign will take the plunge with this versatile up-and-comer?” We already know of two newspapers which are preparing their redesign using Brioni.

Ellen Lupton selected History, our system of layering styles. According to Lupton, History “speaks to the current interest across the design fields in engaging users in the design process.” She explained her choice: “[Bilak ]has done it in an astonishingly sophisticated way. By breaking down the typeface into components that can be recombined in endless combinations, he has designed an open situation rather than a fixed product.”

Read original review here: http://new.typographica.org/2009/features/our-favorite-typefaces-of-2008/