Typotheque Automates Free Test Licenses

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Our connection with our clients has always been the most important part of our work, and we have always done whatever we can to support our customers. For the last twenty years we’ve been arranging informal test licenses for designers who need to do extended testing of our fonts in their projects. And since development of a typeface can take years, we’ve also maintained a private showcase of upcoming fonts, where select clients can get pre-release licenses as well as an opportunity to contribute feedback as we put on the finishing touches.

We are now taking both of these features a step forward for all out customers. If you have previously licensed any desktop fonts on Typotheque and are logged into your account, you can download full-featured test fonts free of charge. These are identical to the fonts you get with our regular commercial licenses. We are proud of our fonts’ extended language support and advanced OpenType features, and we want our clients to be able to test their functionality thoroughly. You can test up to 10 fonts at once, test licenses are valid for 60 days, and after that period you will receive a notification to either upgrade the fonts or delete them. (If you are not a Typotheque client yet, you can still test the fonts for free via Fontstand. Alternatively, drop us an email to explain your situation, and we’ll do our best to work something out with you.)

Select free Trial fonts directly online

We are also opening access to our Fonts in Development section to all registered customers. Log in to see previews of projects which are in their last stage of development, and if you’re interested you can license the pre-release versions for half price. When the fonts are published, your pre-release versions can be upgraded to full versions for no extra charge. We hope that these new functions will make it easier than ever to discover and test the fonts that help you make your projects shine.

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