Typotheque Fonts Now Support Klingon


Typotheque CEO Peter Bilak officially announced this revolutionary development today: “Having extended language support to Greek, Cyrillic, Devanagari and Armenian, tlhIngan pIqaD (the Klingon alphabet) is just another logical step towards market domination in the field of multilingual fonts.”

The Klingon alphabet is the most widespread alien script used today, just as Klingon is the fastest growing alien language on Earth. In the words of Nikola Djurek, Typotheque Klingon specialist, “It was frustrating to always see Klingon in the same spiky style. Klingon speakers finally have a range of letterforms to choose from now, as we have developed Fedra Sans Klingon, Fedra Serif Klingon and Fedra Sans Condensed Klingon, plus a number of display fonts.” Typotheque Klingon fonts come with extensive support of OpenType layout features, including small caps, three different sets of numerals, and Klingon superior and inferior letters, which are especially useful for the setting of Klingon academic publications. All future Typotheque fonts will include Klingon characters in Typotheque Standard encoding, and currently registered users will be able to upgrade their fonts to include the new characters for the standard fee.

It is expected that the newly revised Klingon translation of the complete works of William Shakespeare will be typeset in Fedra Serif Klingon later this year.

Typotheque Fedra Klingon