Typotheque Introduces a New Licensing Option for Affordable Font Use.

desktop only

When we started in 1999 one of the toughest decisions we had to make was how to set our prices. We aimed to offer highly innovative fonts, unprecedented language coverage, flexible licensing and lifetime support, and we set our prices accordingly, believing that they would never change, since we wanted to create long-term relationships with customers who looked beyond the latest trends and cheapest options. When we launched our pioneering webfont service a decade later, we opened it to all our customers for free, giving them access to our robust global network of font servers at no extra charge.

We believe that our existing customers were happy to get this extra value from us, especially since other companies charge additional fees for webfont licensing. Once in a while, however, we get requests for desktop-only licences from customers who don’t intend to use fonts online and feel that they are paying for a service they will never need.

After careful consideration, then, we are announcing a new Desktop license for those who don’t plan to use the webfont service. Just as our Webfont licence costs 20% of our Desktop & Web licence, the Desktop licence (available for all our fonts) costs 20% less. For example, the lowest price of Fedra Serif Std used to be €90 per single font for print and web use. Now you can get it for €72 for print use only. The same principle applies to all our fonts and our font packages as well.

Screen Shot 2019 03 22 at 11.49.33

We believe that this new option is more fair to users, and of course users who wish to upgrade from Desktop to Desktop & Web can do so at any time directly from their online accounts. The new license option also comes with all the same benefits as other Typotheque licenses: you own the license, so you can transfer the license to third parties, you can purchase a single style and upgrade to a complete package later, and there are no arbitrary limitations like expiration dates or limits on the number of impressions.

Our pledge is to continue to provide extraordinary value by publishing new fonts and working to make them relevant for users today and in the future.