Typotheque welcomes Typonine’s font collection

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typonine typeface collection

Peter Biľak (of Typotheque) and Nikola Djurek (of Typonine) have been working together for over 10 years, and this close personal and professional collaboration has already led to the publication of many of Djurek’s fonts through Typotheque. Djurek also published other designs through his own foundry, however, and deciding where to publish new designs became increasingly difficult. We are now pleased to announce that Nikola is joining Typotheque, which is the logical next step in their working relationship. We are very excited to announce that Typonine’s entire award-winning collection of typefaces will be available exclusively on Typotheque from now on.

Typonine’s collection has gained international recognition for its quality and innovation. Marlene, for example, was named one of the best typefaces of the decade in ATypI’s Letter 2 competition. Balkan Sans, and Tremolo won the Type Directors Club award for typeface design in 2012 and 2016 respectively. Tremolo was also featured in Typographica’s ‘Favorite Typefaces of 2015’, joining Audree (2013), Nocturno (2013) and Typonine Stencil (2008).

Other typefaces just quietly flew under the radar, proving their value in real life situations, such as the industrial sans Surogat, constructed slab Tesla Slab, or Mote, a utilitarian grotesque.

We believe that our combined catalogues can provide solutions for the most demanding users and can handle the most complex typographic situations spanning many languages and platforms. We are equally committed to creating quality typefaces that reflect our time and serve its purpose.

We celebrate the news with a new combined type specimen presenting the full Typotheque/Typonine collection.

Typotheque type specimen No.11