We have an all-new website!

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A new version of the Typotheque website, which will allow us to focus on what we do best — designing fonts.

Since Typotheque’s inception in 1999, our website has been through multiple iterations, as we have responded to continuous technological changes. Now, we are pleased to announce our new version, which you will find quite different. Instead of simply redesigning the appearance of the site, we’ve prioritised the ability of users to organise, categorise, and build our fonts. We’ve constructed our font collection from the bottom up, standardising the glyph sets and OpenType layout features, and using the font data we have collected to build the best site we can.

The new site supports continuous integration of new fonts, which allows us to focus on the core of our work — the development of new typefaces. Previously, publishing or updating our fonts would take weeks of manual interventions, whereas now, as soon as new fonts are generated, the website will be updated, along with the PDF presentation, and the order page to reflect the new font family structure.

It has been an enormous undertaking, amounting to two years of work during which every single line of code has been rewritten, and with the collective input of 15 people. As before, Ondrej Jób designed the prototype, and Slonline, under the direction of Lubos Odraska, developed the backend solutions. For the front end, we collaborated with Roel Nieskens and his colleagues, initially at Kabisa, and then subsequently with the company Roel established, Pixel Ambacht. Throughout, we have also worked with Jaro Kondela. The entire Typotheque team was deeply involved in the project. Kevin King designed the PDF presentations of the fonts (in consultation with Kai Bernau of ACB), and Roberto Arista built the PDF generation scripts. Roberto and Liang Hai redesigned the font generation toolchain and font data structure that fuels the site. Kevin and Nikola Djurek tested the new site over and over again, our trusted proofreader Johanna Robinson reviewed all texts, and Peter Bilak coordinated the entire project and prepared all new content.

What you see online right now is in fact only the basic version of the website, with minimal functionality to match the old one. The most exciting improvements are yet to come in the next few months, and we will be rolling out new features continuously. Stay tuned! And please be patient when something is not quite right. Let us know the issues, and we will continue improving the site.