William finally supports Greek and Cyrillic

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William, a contemporary interpretation of Caslon with support for both Latin and Cyrillic scripts, has been a long time in the making. Russian designer Maria Doreuli started drawing it in 2008 and completed it as her graduation project at the Moscow State University of Printing in 2010. It was one of the winners of AtypI’s Letter 2 competition in 2011, in spite of which it wasn’t published until 2016. Now, more than a decade after William was conceived, its official Latin/Cyrillic/Greek version is finally available.

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Since its official publication two years ago, William has been adopted by a numerous cultural and commercial organisations appreciating typefaces elegance, historical roots, and contemporary adaptation.

William is delicately modelled on the original sources but adapted to digital technologies, making it useful both in print and on screen. Just as William Caslon’s foundry published multilingual typefaces, William now offers the possibility of working across cultures, bringing an inimitable voice that has a permanent place in the history of typography.

If you have purchased a pre-release version of William Pro, you can download the official release version directly from your online account.

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