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For the past eight months we have worked on a concept of a new magazine. We are pleased to announce it now.

Works That Work is conceived as a magazine that looks beyond mere portfolios, concerning itself with the conditions and contexts of design in a wider sense, celebrating the manifestations of unexpected creativity. Works That Work will be a twice-yearly, internationally distributed periodical, detached from the artists’ egos, a practical, understandable, jargon-free publication. A kind of National Geographic of design.

At a time when most print magazines are reducing their print schedules, shrinking in size and readership, or closing down entirely, we propose a new print magazine and accompanying website fully integrated with the physical edition of the magazine. The readers of the magazine will be able to read it on paper, on computer, or on their mobile devices, with all content accessible at all times.

The magazine contains original essays, stories and images that celebrate simplicity, presenting works that change the way you perceive them. The first issue will include contributions about urinals at Amsterdam airport (whose simplicity can save up to 80% in spillage and cleaning costs), the importance of beauty in design, article on dabbawallas — ingenious Mumbai’s homemade food distribution, and what role a translator has in the understanding of a literary author published in a foreign language (among other things). We have enough material to fill three issues, and are working on more with a league of inspiring contributors to make each issue strong and impactful.

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