Irma Text Slab

Design concept

Irma Text Slab is a contemporary interpretation of a geometric Slab Serif informed by a humanist cursive style. Irma Text Slab avoids the rigidity of most Slab designs, entering the relatively unexplored area of mixing humanistic handwriting forms with the firmness of a geometric sans. Strong, useful, and easier on the reader’s eye even in long continuous text.

Display, Sans, Slab & Round

Its numerous styles and various construction versions make Irma ideal for the formal requirements of contemporary publishing or giving a unique voice to brand identity projects. With its combination of text and display fonts in two styles (Sans and Slab), and three flavours of text typefaces (Sans, Slab and Round), Irma is a versatile family of fonts, offering a complete palette of typographic choices.

OpenType features

Like all Typotheque fonts, Irma Text includes Small Caps in all styles. Additionally, Irma includes a wealth of other advanced OpenType features. For more information please see the PDF instructions, or the Features section.


All weights of Irma Text include eight different kinds of numerals. By default, Irma uses ranging numerals (also called OsF or Old-style proportional figures) designed for setting running text. It also, however, includes lining figures proportioned for use with capital letters, tabular numerals (both lining and OsF), superior, inferior, circled and circled inverted numerals (selectable via OpenType features)

Language support

Typotheque’s OpenType Pro fonts support all European languages, covering Latin-based (Western, Central and Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish), Cyrillic-based, and Greek-based languages. Such large multilingual fonts are sometimes referred to as Pan-European or WGL4 fonts.


Irma Text was designed in 2009–2011 by Peter Biľak. The Cyrillic version was adapted by Alexander Tarbeev.