• What is the difference between hosted and self-hosted webfonts?

    The hosted webfonts service is intended for websites with low to medium traffic. It is easy to set up: a CSS code is generated that you embed in your site, with the actual font files being hosted on a remote network of servers (CDN) controlled by Typotheque. Hosted webfonts is a very affordable option, comprising a one-off licence fee that covers 25,000 page views each month. If this limit is exceeded, there is a small fee of €0.50 for each additional 25,000 page views. Most of our clients, however, stay within the allocated monthly page-view limit, and never pay anything more.

    Self-hosted webfonts are intended for larger sites, and for those where clients require full control over the webfont files. The price of the self-hosted webfonts depends on the number of monthly page views. If you exceed the number of page views, you will need to upgrade the webfont licence accordingly.