ACP Donor Wheel

ACPDonorWheel 225

Typotheque’s Jigsaw, which was inspired by sculpture, has itself recently been used in a sculpture which brings the typeface (literally) full circle.

Johanna Biľak designed Jigsaw more than a decade ago as a fictitious student project for Musée Zadkine in Paris, inspired by the sculptures of Russian-born artist Ossip Zadkine. Joshua Kirsch used the typeface for the ACP Donor Wheel, a permanent donor recognition sculpture commissioned by the Arts Council of Princeton for the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in Princeton, NJ. A motorized disk contains approximately 2000 names, loosely grouped by the first letter of the donor’s last name. Adjacent to the sculpture is a control panel with a button for each letter of the alphabet. Pushing an initial letter on the control panel allows the viewer to find a particular name. The disk rotates and stops at the requested letter and displays all the names corresponding to the requested letter by back-lighting them with white LEDs.

Joshua used four weights of Jigsaw Stencil in both roman and cursive, laser-cut in stainless steel and backlit with LEDs. Check out the artist’s website which uses the regular version of Jigsaw via our webfont service.