Announcing Typotheque Club — a unique way to deepen connections between people

typotheque club cover image

Typotheque Club is a virtual place where its members can connect – with benefits that include exclusive presentations, access to Typotheque’s work in progress and crowdfunding initiatives, and many others.

We are excited to announce the launch of Typotheque Club, a brand-new way to bring type users and type makers closer to each other. The club is free to join, and members will be able to access previews of work in progress and free font trials, as well as receive rewards for purchases and invitations to exclusive online presentations offering insights into Typotheque’s research and design methodologies. Mark your calendar: 16 November 2023 is the first such presentation, given by cognitive psychologist Héctor Mangas, design historian Sébastien Morlighem and type designer Petra Dočekalová, on the Research into Perception of Handwriting and the design of the upcoming typeface informed by this research. The presentation is exclusive to members only.

cherokee sketch1920px
Early sketch of November Cherokee by Chris Skillern, first crowdfunding project that can be supported by any Typotheque Club member.

We consider it vital to build close relationships with our clients, and our aim is always to connect with you as directly as possible, without using third parties or distributors. Club members are able to earn points in various ways: for each online purchase, for font referral and for sharing examples of fonts in use. The points can then be redeemed for printed type specimens or discounts, or they can be used to contribute to the development of fonts for marginalised writing scripts via our crowdfunding campaigns. The first of these campaigns aims to develop series of fonts (Lava, November, October) for the oldest Native writing system in the United States – Cherokee syllabary – led by Cherokee Nation citizen and type designer Chris Skillern, and in consultation with Cherokee Nation’s language programmes. As a member, you can support this initiative directly. This is an important part of the club: to find a sustainable way to fund future research work on indigenous writing scripts, making communication more equitable and the world richer and more diverse. 

Join the club now, and be a part of the change.