Comb, a suite of monospaced fonts ideal for designing forms

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comb letters and form elements

Sometimes designing clear, effective data entry forms is a quotidian but essential task, and sometimes it is a daunting challenge. In either case, Comb, by Belgian designer and developer Frederik Berlaen, can help to get the job done. Comb Forms contains a comprehensive range of box, line and comb elements all assigned to keystrokes to make creating form layouts as easy as formatting text. Comb Text is a sturdy, monospaced sans serif font with friendly humanist details and stylistic alternates to align and centre characters in Comb Forms’ boxes. Both fonts come in a generous number of matching weights and styles for additional functionality.

The first sketches of Comb date back to 2007, and the typeface was initially published by the now-defunct OurType in 2010. Today, Comb has found a new home at Typotheque, and we are proud not only to use Berlaen’s font editor, but also publish his fonts.

Comb Text comes in five weights, (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold and Black) in both Roman and italic styles, which, together with Comb Forms, brings the family to a total of eleven fonts.

DDR form

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