Dance Writer app

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Typotheque is pleased to announce the release of Dance Writer as an iPhone/iPad app. Dance Writer converts text into a choreographed sequence of poses based on the shapes of the letters, enabling users to send animated messages to their friends via email, or just enjoy the graceful movement in full Retina-quality resolution on their own displays. Dance Writer is also a subtle comment on how typography works — it works by organising type in space and time, and by using predesigned forms.

Dance Writer premiered as an interactive installation at Experimenta Lisbon in 2009. Now, iPhone and iPad owners can create Dance Writer messages, and anyone with an Internet connection can receive them. Dance Writer features the dancing of Valentina Scaglia in choregraphy by Lukáš Timulak with video by Taco Zwaanswijk and programming by Resolume.

Dance Writer is available now at the App Store.

Dance Writer app

Watch the Dance Writer app demo: