Fedra Hindi wins at the European Design Awards 2009 competition


Typotheque pays as much attention to ‘non-Latin’ fonts as to our Latin fonts, and by now our fonts support over 190 languages spoken by over 1.5 billion native speakers. Latest expansion of Fedra family is Devanagari version.

Typotheque Fedra Hindi

The Devanagari script is a Brahmi-derived writing system used originally to write Sanskrit. It is used in India and Nepal to write many languages, including the official language of the Indian government.

Fedra Hindi is Typotheque’s most ambitious ‘non-Latin’ project. After 2 years in development, Fedra Hindi comes in 5 weights with full support for conjuncts. Designed by Peter Biľak and SN Rajpurohit.

Fedra Hindi was awarded Bronze medal at the European Design Awards 2009 competition.

European Design Awards 2009