Limited-edition Typographic Posters

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Most of our projects start with a simple wish, to make something that is beautiful and that has never existed before. We’ve admired the mesmerising typographic compositions of Hansje van Halem and the generative work of Just van Rossum for a long time. Both artists seem to have a way of grabbing your attention and drawing you into their creations.

Typographic posters

We’ve printed a series of two large posters (700×1000 cm/23×32.8 in). One features 200 hand-sketched versions of a lowercase ‘a’ drawn by Hansje, and the other is the ultimate slab-serif letter H with serifs springing from serifs, Python-scripted by Just van Rossum.

The posters were printed in a numbered and signed edition of 100 each. We kept the first posters for our own office, and each consecutive poster will be sent in sequence, so if you want the 2/100 or 3/100 posters, order now!