New typeface: Charlie

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We are pleased to introduce Charlie, a slab serif typeface created for use in print and exhibition settings designed by Ross Milne. Charlie, formally known as Foxtrot, is an affable slab serif whose personality is clear and direct, and yet warm and polite. Its design is restrained in approach, yet with its narrow proportions, high x-height and sharp finishing details, it is unique among other slab serifs.

Charlie typeface family

The eight optical weights form a proportional system that allows for varying type size while maintaining even stroke width. Try it directly in Charlie Weight Calculator. In this way Charlie enables subtle shifts in the hierarchy of information while remaining visually harmonious.

Charlie proportional weight calculator

Ross has written an in-depth record of the design process including some personal notes on the design process and its historical roots in the slab serif traditions of the nineteenth century.

Charlie early sketches