Slovakia launched new branding of the country using Typotheque fonts.

Fonts in use
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovak Republic has unveiled new logo, slogan and branding of Slovakia. The whole process to find an international identification brand for Slovakia lasted seven years. Creative Department, advertising agency from Bratislava has been responsible for the branding, selecting Typotheque History font system, because of its variability. History unifies various expressions of Slovak creativity, from product design, software development, architecture, sport and tourism.

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Prezentacia Travel

Prezentacia Sagan

All images courtesy of Creative Department

Part of the branding project was also the unification of the visual identity of public administration which will now have a unified visual which will be differentiated according to the levels of state administration. The new logotype is mandatory for all ministries and central state bodies. History is used also on the state administration logos, combined with Greta Sans.

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