Typotheque acquires The New York Times


The New York Times, the largest metropolitan newspaper in the US and often regarded as an authoritative reference in the news world, was founded in 1851 by the The New York Times Company and has long been controlled by the Ochs-Sulzberger dynasty. On Monday, Typotheque acquired a 51% majority of A class shares.

Publisher and ex-chairman of The New York Times Company, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr, was surprised by the move: ‘I can't believe that the great family tradition of The Times has been disrupted just to implement some silly typeface.’ Mr. Bilak, CEO of Typotheque and the new Chairman of the Board commented: ‘We are not really interested in the editorial policies of the newspaper, but this was our last resort method for presenting Typotheque’s typefaces in The New York Times. We also hope to bring more awareness of type design to our readers; designers certainly deserve it.’ It is expected that the local Dutch version of the Times, The Hague Times will be launched shortly to demonstrate the change of direction. Shares dropped 15.86% (NYSE: C)

April 1, 2008, The Hague, The Netherlands