Max your creativity with intelligent and expressive type

We describe Smart fonts as typefaces with pre-designed intelligent behaviour, which are aware of their context and can react to the user’s typesetting and actions. For example, the font Mississippi can dynamically increase or decrease letter heights to control the visual undulation of words and short texts. In the same category, we also include typographic systems such as History, or Q Project that come with a very large number of shape variations or layering options. These fonts possess lots of potential for creativity and are highly expressive – great for cover art, posters and creative identities.

Delvard Gradient

Delvard Gradient creates unique word settings by using smart OpenType features that allow the user to cycle through nine font weights to create lettering-like text which gets progressively heavier or lighter with each letter.

Francis Gradient

Francis Gradient is a playful capital-only sans serif typeface. During typing, the font dynamically increases or decreases character widths using sophisticated automatic contextual substitutions.


Based on a skeleton of Roman inscriptional capitals, History includes 21 layers inspired by the evolution of typography. These 21 independent typefaces share widths and other metric information so that they can be recombined, allowing to generate thousands of different unique styles.

Irma Display

Irma Display is a geometrical capital-only typeface with contextual letterform combinations that form typographic patterns using the negative spaces of the letterforms.


Mississippi is a narrow typeface that comes with contextual alternates that dynamically change height during typing.

Plotter Wave

Plotter Wave is a technical typeface family with a variable angle of slanting, and smart letter substitution which contextually orders letter shapes according to the angle of slope, creating unique word pattens.

Q Project

The Q Project is a game-like type system that enables users to create a nearly infinite number of creative variations with a range of base fonts and dozens of decorative attachments that can be combined and layered.