Advanced Font Filtering Possibilities

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A few weeks ago, the Mac OS font testing and rental app Fontstand introduced powerful filtering possibilities that help help to reduce thousands of fonts only to the ones you really need.

We are now delighted to announce that Fontstand has allowed to export their metadata, so Typotheque can benefit from the work that Indra Kupferschmid has made for Fontstand. Indra has categorised all fonts using 66 visual parameters. We have exported now the data, and used a similar filtering on our main font page. Since we have recently added Typonine collection, advanced type filtering helps to find only the fonts you really need.


For example, there is 124 font families in total right now.


which you can filter by Category, narrowing down the selection to 62 font families,


applying an additional filter that selects only fonts with large x-height, getting 40 font families


26 of which contain Small Caps features


and 16 of Sans-serif fonts with large x-height having Small Caps substitution feature also support Cyrillic languages.

We invite you to browse the font categories, and believe that these detailed font parameters will make it easier to find the fonts you are really looking for.

typotheque filtering