Major update of November multilingual font family

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The November type system comprises 54 different styles, which are now available in two variable fonts (upright and Italic), giving access to even more typographic fine-tuning possibilities. The November type system already supports Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Devanagari and Tamil.

november 2 new glyphs

The Latin element of November has been also updated, extending the character set by hundreds of new characters, symbols and extra glyphs in anticipation of the additional language support. Our long-term objective is that the November type system will eventually support all the living languages of the world. This will include related elements — the rounded family called October, and the stencil variant November Stencil.

All these fonts come in two formats, variable and static, and this is especially useful for signage typefaces such as November, whereby a version can be used that is somewhat heavier, for example for inverted use (white letters on a dark surface), backlit text, or where the width of the text needs to be adjusted based on the available space.

[variable style="3409" text="November VF" size="90px"]

The Tamil and Devanagari versions have been completely redesigned. They were originally designed by Arya Purohit, and our work with a larger team of Indian designers on the missing scripts of the Indian subcontinent has allowed us to review the original forms of November to find common design language and solutions for the Indic scripts.

tamil sample

The Tamil version has been redesigned from the ground up by Aadarsh Rajan. The Tamil fonts now support forms that are better suited in the signage setting, giving optimal legibility, with distinctive and easily recognisable forms. For this release, Aadarsh wrote an extensive reflection on designing a typefaces across different writing script. Read his article November Tamil: Designing with purpose.

Artboard 14x

The Stencil version of November now includes two new language version — Devanagari and Tamil in nine weights. Just like the original November Stencil, these Indic versions include also layering options for chromatic typography.

november stencil Tamil and Devanagari

Hitesh Malaviya led the redesign of the Devanagari version, with contributions from Shuchita Grover and Parimal Parmar. The overall proportions of Devanagari have been adjusted so it works better with the other scripts, and many characters have been optimised for high legibility.

nov deva landscape static

Peter Biľak has revised and improved his earlier work on the Greek version, in conjunction with Eirini Vlachou.

All the new versions are now available in the variable font format. We will continue to work on additional language support and plenty of new writing scripts. Some are shown in this PDF. Stay tuned.

If you have licensed Novemer, October or November Stencil before, please login to your account and download the new updates free of charge.