Parmigiano Stencil Hebrew

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parmigiano stencil hebrew

Last year, we have published our Hebrew type design programme, a collection of contemporary text and display fonts, featuring 21 complete typeface families. This year we are shifting our attention to other writing scripts, but we’ll be also adding more styles to our Hebrew collection. First such addition of 2018 is Parmigiano Stencil Hebrew, co-designed by Riccardo Olocco (Latin) and Yanek Iontef (Hebrew).

The Parmigiano Typographic System was published in 2014, representing the most extensive family of fonts ever to have been inspired by Giambattista Bodoni. It is an on-going project that we are expanding over time. Stencil typefaces didn’t exist at the time of Bodoni, yet we include these styles to make the Parmigiano project even more relevant in the 21st century.

The elegant high contrast structure of Bodoni provides a logical structure for interrupting the strokes at places where the strokes are thinnest. These letters are complete even when they are missing parts, offering new possibilities for chromatic typography, headlines, logos, or editorial use, and fit into the rich history of Hebrew typography.

ParmigianoStencil samples