Webfonts sites (part 3)


The third installment in the series of websites that use Typotheque’s webfont service.

The very popular website ‘A Logo for Human Rights’ is a global competition dedicated to finding a universal logo for human rights. The impressive jury (which includes several Nobel Prize Laureates, former presidents of superpowers, politicians, high-profile designers, and human right activists) will select the winning entries in August. The website uses Fedra Sans Screen via Typotheque’s webfont service. The website was designed by the German / US agency Jovoto.

‘We make apps.’ This summarises the work of Amsterdam-based company Fingertips. The in-house designed website features various cuts of Fedra: Display 2 on its homepage, and Fedra Sans for the main text. Even their logo is made using webfonts (Fedra Mono). This approach pays off, as the homepage uses no images and is very compact. The total size of all resources on the homepage, including four fonts, is only 144kB. Fingertips opted for the self-hosting licence, which gave them full control of the font embedding. 

Distinct, a design company from Pasadena, California uses the serenely simple Plan Grotesque Bold and shows how much you can do with a single style. The selected weight (heavy) gets plenty of attention on the white background and helps to communicate the agency’s key message of ‘good design and genuine communication’.

Migrating Landscapes by 5468796 Architecture Inc. and Jae-Sung Chon has been selected to represent Canada at the 2012 Venice Biennale in Architecture. The website designed by Winnipeg's Urbanink makes very elegant use of Fedra Mono via Typotheque’s webfont service.

Thanks for your support, and keep sending us samples of your websites.